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Fix Wheel Rims Melbourne

5 Simple Steps To Fix Curb Rash On Wheel Rims For Melbourne Residents

Curb rash is an all too common problem and when you need to fix your wheel rims in the Melbourne region, it can be tempting to simply allow someone else to take care of it. But what about those of us who wish to fix our own wheel rims and not rely on a Melbourne repair shop that may or may not overcharge?

Fortunately, there are five simple steps that can be taken to remedy curb rash and allow you to avoid the expenses that are associated with having to fix wheel rims, as well as the annoyance of locating the proper Melbourne repair shop. Read on to learn more....

1. Learn More About The Rim's Protective Coating

Take the damaged spots on the rim and sand them down with the use of a sandpaper with coarse grains. 220 grit works best and if the dust that is created by your sanding is not grey (as opposed to being white), this means that the wheel has a clear coating that must be removed in order to properly remedy the curb rash that has taken place. Those who possess wheel rims that are not clear coated are able to skip to the third step.

2. Proper Clear Coating Removal

You'll need to properly remove the clear coat on the rim if you would like to be able to access the curb rash and successfully remove it. The coating must be removed all the way around before you embark on the next steps, as this will allow the refinished area to maintain the same texture and color as the rest of the wheel rim. Buff the wheel until the dust that is created is grey, as this means that the clear coat has been successfully removed.

3. Tackle The Curb Rash Spot

Start off with 80 grit sandpaper and work your way up to 220. Go over the curb rash spot and clear away the most obvious scratches. From there, 400 grit sandpaper is used in a feathering motion so that the rest of the wheel rim blends in with the area that has been prepared. When sanding with 400 grit sandpaper, it is important to keep pressure moderate, so that remaining ridges are leveled without causing further damages.

4. Refining The Surface

2000 grit sandpaper is the best sandpaper to use for this next step. A circular motion and light pressure are to be used. While this step may take a certain amount of time, patience is always a virtue. Once the whole texture has been smoothed out, dampen your sandpaper and work in a circular motion over the problem areas. 2 minutes of 2500 grit sandpaper polishing, one minute of paper dry, one minute of wet sanding and you are good to go.

5. Aluminum Polishing

Use a soft cloth and place a generous amount of onto the sanded area. Be sure to go an eighth of an inch beyond the sanding so that the polish is blended into the rim's existing coating. For this step, you are going to want to exert a sizable amount of pressure. The cloth should turn black and you will know that you are finished when the area that you have sanded as gleaming just as brightly as the remainder of the wheel rim.


Fix Wheel Rims Melbourne
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Fix Wheel Rims Melbourne Fix Wheel Rims Melbourne Fix Wheel Rims Melbourne

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